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Seven Years as Art Director: A Journey Through Vintage Men’s Fashion at The Chap

As I reflect on my seven-year tenure as the Art Director for The Chap Magazine, I find myself immersed in a world where vintage men’s fashion has been not just a style, but a timeless narrative. With our 25th year on the horizon, this journey has been a remarkable blend of creativity, nostalgia, and a...
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My first boardgame design

In the dynamic realm of board game design, every project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. One such exciting journey began when I received a brief from Stavros, a passionate creator with a vision for a groundbreaking board game. Little did I know that this collaboration would culminate in the successful mass production...
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The Textile Conservancy Website Build

The Textile Conservancy provides a comprehensive conservation service for the preservation of textiles that have been damaged as a result of wear, long-term display, accident or poor storage. For a wide range of objects, from large scale tapestries to small costume accessories, the company undertakes cleaning and repair, mounting for display or exhibition, as well...
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