The Textile Conservancy Website Build

The Textile Conservancy provides a comprehensive conservation service for the preservation of textiles that have been damaged as a result of wear, long-term display, accident or poor storage. For a wide range of objects, from large scale tapestries to small costume accessories, the company undertakes cleaning and repair, mounting for display or exhibition, as well as collection surveys and advice on preventive conservation.

Alex required a new website following the completion of her new branding, and wanted a site that’s clean, modern with plenty of white space and using highlights of the dusky pink amd grey from her logo.

The website needed to be a WordPress site so Alex could update the Case Studies herself. After ploughing through a multitude of templates I found one that seemed to tick all the boxes.

I initially created the home page design using Photoshop so we could approve the content and layout before the build.

Alex has worked on some incredible textiles so luckily I had some beautiful images to work with. Alex also, quite rightly, wanted to boast about some of her clients, so a rotating client list was added to the bottom of the home page, and a separate client list page also created.

The build was a success and I created a detailed step-by-step instruction guide to help Alex update the site.

The Textile Conservancy Home Page Design

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